Me, Myself & I

I “Judge My Neighbour”, Maybe You Should Too?

I have mentioned in passing within a few of my posts my Mum introduced me to “The Work” of Byron Katie back at the start of March and this has become quite powerful on my current journey and recovery with Depression, Anxiety and moderate PTSD. I think the best way for you to get a… Continue reading I “Judge My Neighbour”, Maybe You Should Too?

Me, Myself & I

The Sunshine Blogger Award

The lovely Ida from Around the Ward in 80 Days nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award because she's such a wonderful chum 🙂 The Sunshine Blogger Award is an Award given to bloggers who are creative, positive and inspiring, while spreading “sunshine” to the blogging community. The Sunshine Blogger Award Rules: Thank the blogger… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award

Through the Ages Thursdays

Through the Ages Thursdays: Introduction

Music is one of the biggest parts of my life. It is in the background of almost everything I do and has also been more effective in some cases for me than counselling or medication when it comes to my mental health. I have really eclectic tastes and on an average workday my usual background… Continue reading Through the Ages Thursdays: Introduction