4 Feet, 8 Paws

4 Feet, 8 Paws

4 Feet 8 Paws

This category will be a place where I talk about family so I thought it would be nice to do a brief introduction to the 4 of us that make up my perfectly imperfect family.

We are currently trying to change this little dynamic to 6 feet and 12 paws but for now there are just the 4 of us.

So I guess I’ll start with the order I found my trio.


My fiance, who I will refer to from here on out as King since I want to remain somewhat anonomous. I met King summer 2012, 8 months before I’d gone through a pretty bad breakup & I’d been enjoing single life since then. Enter King, nothing like I thought I needed but turned out to be everything I needed and more. For the most part me and King are polar opposites; I tend to be loud while he’s always quiet, he’s someone who loves football and going to the local for a drink with his friends and I don’t drink and prefer solitude with a good book. We’ve had more bumps in the road than some and less than others. We’ll have been together 6 years this year (engaged for 3) and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime. We are equal in all aspects and our differences help balance each other. I have heard people say when their depression or anxiety gets bad people leave but my experience with King is that our love grew the more I realised I needed more than just myself in life. He never even for a millisecond thought of leaving, not even in the worst of it.

Sooty – A.K.A Cheesecake / A.K.A Little Sh*t / A.K.A Steve

Move forward to 27th December 2015. Me and King have been living together 9months at this point first in a little flat then to a nice little terraced house close to his family. We’d been engaged two months, just had our first Christmas together and I didn’t think we could be any happier. Then someone we knew said that they had a kitten that they couldn’t keep; they lived in an upstairs flat and they weren’t there often enough to feed them – I adore animals and straight away I said we had to have him, King however – let’s just say not so keen. King has never liked cats so we’d never talked about getting one before (even though I loved having cats growing up). A couple of hours later we were in position of my beautiful little witches cat, all eyes and ears! This little guy was a big companion while King was working nights and he’s brought us constant laughs and a few little arguments. This may sound strange to most but me and our little cheesecake are kindred spirits with as similar personalities as a person and cat can have. My only regret is that he was already named when he came to us because I’d have loved to call him Baghera – he’s our little panther even if he is scared of going outside!

Roxy – A.K.A Lamb Chop /A.K.A Roxy-Roo / A.K.A Roo-Roo / A.K.A Lady Jane! (when she’s in trouble)

We got Roxy under much sadder circumstances, May 29th 2017 my nana passed away. She had been in and out of hospital for a good 6 months and in this time Roxy was left on her own frequently with the Neighbours just coming in once a day to feed her and let her out. When me and mum got there we had no idea, yet again I found myself unable to walk away from an animal in need. An hour later, after sorting through what we needed to at her house, I took Roxy home (much to the disapproval of Sooty). We didn’t see him for 3 days but after a week or so they were able to be in the same room as each other, I think Roxy being 11 and quite overweight helped as it meant she couldn’t really chase the cat much! I have a photo of the first time Sooty came half way downstairs and you could just see them weighing each other up, now they’ll go as far as cuddling in the dog bed together! Before my nana got her Roxy had spent her first 3 years being beat whenever she barked and kept outside (without shelter) rain or shine. I think because of this she is the calmest most laid back dog I have ever owned. It breaks my heart that to this day she still will not bark or make sound of any kind and that if you touch her head/neck suddenly she flinches and runs off but Nana loved the bones of her and we have done everything we can to get her to a healthy weight and a nice little routine. I think the start in life really affects her even now much like it does with most people.

Our Home:

So to sum up, that’s us me and my trio. Each one of them has saved me in one way of another since they came into my life. King from a life of feeling worthless and bringing me to a place where we can stand side by side as equals. Sooty for making me feel safe and loved on the nights where I was home alone. Roxy for guiding me through the grief of loosing my Nana, having her and taking her in to do my Nana proud helped me and I could tell Rox missed my nana as much as I did. Me and King have been trying to add to our little home for 2 years now and are heartbroken every month it doesnt happen. There will almost certainly be posts in the future about our infertility issues but for now this about sums us up.

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