4 Feet, 8 Paws

Spring is finally here!

Winter seems to have lingered for a lot longer in the UK this year. I’ve not been as annoyed by this as most people because I love the winter and really dislike the summer but I think Roxy has been getting a bit fed up. It’s been awful weather and too dark to take her on her favourite walk around the field so she’s been a bit grumpy with me.

When I got home today the heat was mild, the sun was still out and it was nice enough to finally get her out in the field. She seemed full of life and had a cute spring in her step when she got on the field. I’ve always been a bit of a countryside girl preferring climbing trees and going for long in the woods than shopping or going round town so it was so nice for me too. I don’t really live close enough to anywhere like that now but the field is good enough for me it has plenty of trees, bushes and flowers that attract butterflies and beautiful birds and in september it gives loads of blackberries for me to make tasty crumbles.

I had called for my sister in law (who’s 9 and lives on our street) so she could come and play on the park that’s in the middle of the 2 fields. Instead she wanted to spend the whole time walking with me and talking about school and what she’s been up to since I saw her last (only a couple of days ago). It was so nice to see Roxy enjoy her walk, SIW (Sister in Law) running about burning off so energy and for me to take in the last rays of sun.

It did me the world of good to get out, the past few days have been tricky after a dr appointment on Friday didn’t give us the answer we wanted. Getting out and appreciating the flowers and smell of cut grass felt a little therapeutic and SIW laughed at me a little when I started taking pictures of the sky. I have a thing about taking pictures of pretty skies and looking back over them when I feel down and it amuses her no end because she thinks it makes me daft!

I have to say my favourite part of the walk was getting SIW to find me a fairy kissed daisy though. I told her how my gran always told me a daisy with pink/purple tipped petals had been kissed by fairies and how I still believed it was true. There’s something quite sweet and amusing about trying to convince a 9 year old who spends most their time around technology that fairies exist.

It was the perfect end to an otherwise mundane Monday and I can’t wait for many more to come and neither can Roxy.


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