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April Wrap Up

In this post I will be looking back at the month of April and what’s been going on in the 5 categories I have for my blog. You can read it all or just skip to the sections that interest you most.
Me Myself & I – updates on me & life in general
4 feet, 8 paws – updates on my little family.
Writing – updates on the writing goals I have for the next month or so.
Head & Heart – updates on my mental & general health
Book Nook – updates on what I’m currently reading


Me Myself & I:

Looking back April has been a bit of a hectic month with more ups and downs than any one month has given me in a while. One of the highs for me was finally taking the plunge and starting this blog. It’s given me something to focus on and distract me from some of the downers of the month. I’m really excited for future posts and just to have a place I can be totally open and honest.
In other news work has been utter madness as we’ve taken on a massive contract and everyone is still trying to find their feet with it. It’s creating some serious tension and even though I’m not really involved in the project or the tension it’s impossible in an office as small as ours (usually just 4 women) not to feel it. I’m hoping to continue to keep out of the office politics and just lend a hand where I can in the next month but there have been talks about official complaints being made about bullying so I think it could possibly get much worse before it gets any better for the atmosphere.
I’ve been making the most of the sunny days that seem to have come out of nowhere, on my lunch breaks me and my friend have been heading over to the Lake near work and eating out lunch while watching the ducks, swans & geese – it’s just a really refreshing way to spend the hour and sure beats sitting in a windowless kitchen even if my friend does laugh at my obsession of taking pictures of beautiful skies.

4 feet 8 paws:

I wrote a small introduction to my little family here if you’d like to get to know them a little first. My little lamb chop has been loving her walks so much more now the weather has perked up a bit and I’ve seen a big lift in her mood. I talk about her first good walk of the year here and how it did me the world of good too! Sooty is plodding along as normal but I think he knows that things have been a little strained for me and King as he’s being a lot more generous with his cuddles.
Me and King have been trying for a baby for over 2 years now and we finally got the results from his tests a couple of weeks ago. I’ll save most of the details for now and do another post later but the jist is that the problems we both have combined are going to make it practically impossible for us to conceive without medical assistance. We are not giving up yet, however certain discussion about what we want to do going forward have made this a little strained between us at times. We have a hospital appointment for a consultation about our options before we commit to anything 30th May so the next month will probably be taken up with lots of googling and reaching out to others online who could advise.


I have found I’ve been writing a little more this month since starting this blog but I’m still not quite where I was with it from before my break down. May will be a chance for me to write something everyday to get back into a flow whether it be blog posts, novel ideas, sample scenes or just a line about something I’m grateful for. It needs to become a habit for me again as I find so much freedom in writing and for me it’s the best way to really express myself and escape.

Head & Heart:

Despite setbacks (mentioned in the 4 feet, 8 paws section above) my mental health has been pretty good this month. I’m still making a conscious decision everyday to find silver linings. I try to start every day with a song I love that I can boogie to and that seems to really help my mood for the rest of the day and I highly recommend this – who doesn’t love a good boogey when no-one’s watching! At points I’ve found myself slipping back a step or two but I’ve just reminded myself that I can’t go back to rock bottom and took time to myself to get back on track and realise where I want to be. It’s been so refreshing to move forward after the steps back instead of letting them drag me further away.
In other health news as mentioned in the 4 feet, 8 paws section above me and King have not had the best news and going forward and I can see a lot of doctors and hospital appointments. I’m nervous and on edge about it all but having a baby is something we wanted long before we even started trying two years ago so it’s something we’re willing to work hard to get.

Book Nook;

Well the great book slump of April 2017 is still well and truly here in April 2018! This month I decided to stop pressuring myself to read and to just always have a book at hand for when the urge strikes. Of the 3 Salt to the Sea seems to be the one I’m reaching for the most. I’ve read it before and it’s one of my favourite books. Set in World War 2 and based on true events it’s atmospheric, heart warming, heart wrenching and really impactful. I think this will probably be the one that slowly pulls me from this year long slump. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls has become a good little bedtime read for me though as each person’s story is only a page long it doesn’t feel like a chore to pick up. I can see me reading it to my nieces when they get a bit older to teach them they can be anything they want! Finally Loving What Is has become a good little go to when my mind feels a bit dark or weighed down with worries. Byron Katie and The Work is something my mum introduced me to a couple of months ago. Mum found her at the back end of last year and I’ve seen some really great positive changes in her so I knew i had to give it a go. I’ve found what Byron Katie “teaches” really works for me to clear my mind and feel more in control of my life. My goal for May will be to finish one of these books but I’m not going to be harsh on myself if I don’t achieve this as long as I enjoy what I do read.

Let’s chat:

What have you been up to this April?
Have you got any goals you want to work towards in May?
How have you been spending these sunnier days?
Are you reading any good books at the moment?


3 thoughts on “April Wrap Up

  1. It took my husband and I a few years to conceive and when we stopped trying is when I found out I was pregnant, so I know exactly what you’re going through. I also had some health issues so I understand how hard it must be for you. Good luck with everything!! 🙂


  2. I’m happy to hear that you are doing better mentally this month! I find that the weather influences my moods, and mine has drastically improved after 6 LONG months of winter here.
    Good luck at your doctors appointment! I’ve watched many friends go through infertility issues, and even dipped my toes into it myself since I have something called PCOS. I had to do a round of fertility meds to get pregnant with my second child. Like I said, I barely dipped my toes in the infertility world, but I’ve seen the impact it has on many people. I will keep my fingers crossed for you through your journey.
    Salt to the Sea has been sitting on my shelf since it came out…. I know I’ll love it, but for some reason I’ve been putting it off.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks hun. Wow I remember trying to get you to read Salt to the Sea back when I was on the other blog, maybe the next time you are in a WW2 mood you can pick it up every chapter is only 2 or 3 pages long so it’s pretty good to get through.
      Glad your winters finally over sounds like it lasted about as long as ours over here. Though I like Winter more than summer or summer type weather so I’m ready for it to come back already 😂


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