Through the Ages Thursdays

Through the Ages Thursdays: Introduction

Music is one of the biggest parts of my life. It is in the background of almost everything I do and has also been more effective in some cases for me than counselling or medication when it comes to my mental health.

I have really eclectic tastes and on an average workday my usual background music can go from System of Down to the Spice Girls with some tunes from west end shows thrown in for good measure. When I write my novels I have lyricless music in the background and when I bake I’ll pop the “recent hits” on for a boogey. What I did notice the other week though was a lot of the artists I claim to love I haven’t really heard much from them, usually only the popular ones.

For example I adore a good sing song to Strong Enough by Cher and I really like most of what she brought out in the late 80’s & 90’s so I’d probably call myself a fan but on the other hand I have never listened to whole album. Last week when work was going crazy and I was getting stressed out I decided to listen to every solo album she has released to not only to help me concentrate but to see if I loved her as much as I thought I did – spoiler alert, I love her more!

From there Through the Ages Thursdays was born. This blog is a place for all things me and for me to write openly and honestly about anything so why not put a fun little weekly segment in where I go through an artist/band’s history and see what I really think of them! I haven’t worked out a format yet or figured out exactly what will go into it all I know at the moment is it will contain 3 lists, a little on my thoughts and that I’m super excited. As of this week I’ve already worked through 3 artists so I have notes ready to type up for the next 3 weeks blog posts.

As well as being good for me to be able to look back on and get a better knowledge of artists/bands I admire I’m hoping you’ll all enjoy it too and maybe from the lists that will be encompassed in each post you’ll find some songs you may not have heard or introduce to an artist you’d otherwise have overlooked. One day I hope to branch this out into films / actors / actresses / franchises / books but at the moment I can get 37 hours of music into my week at the same time as doing my 9 to 5 so it will be music for now.

I decided on 3 lists based on the 3 times/situations I need/want to hear good music the most and they are:

Dance – Whether it’s moshing out, raving or booty bouncing to R&B I love a good sing along and boogey whether I’m baking or I’ve just had a really crumby day!

Driving – I haven’t passed my test yet but I’ve already started a play list of songs I can imagine driving too. I think an awesome list of driving songs is more important than diesel/petrol…okay as important! There is no one type of song that goes in here but if it has a good beat or I can imagine me driving to it, it gets added.

Lyrics – I am incredibly drawn to songs with lyrics that make me feel anything strongly. They don’t necessarily have to be deep or sad if the lyrics resonate and make me feel like a BAMF then that’s just as important to me than ones that help me feel less lonely in my dark days. So as with the driving list there probably won’t be one type of song that goes here but if it is added it’s because that songs means something really special to me whether it’s good or bad.

Let’s chat in the comments or on twitter (@KissedDaisy):

Do you like this idea?

Which bands/artists would you have at the top of your list?

When do you tend to blast your music most?


4 thoughts on “Through the Ages Thursdays: Introduction

    1. Thanks! I was worried it would be a little self indulgent but I figured if I can’t be a little self indulgent on my blog (my safe place) where can I!? Hope you enjoy it, first one will be next week but my lips are sealed on who it will be -it’s not Cher as eluded to in the post πŸ™‚


      1. Exactly! It’s all about you so go for it. If it’s something you enjoy doing, then we’re bound to enjoy it too! I’ll keep an eye out for it… πŸ™‚


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