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Ed Sheeran – Through the Ages Thursday

Pre-listen thoughts:

So I’m just going to throw it out there from the start – I do like Ed Sheeran but I do wonder if he’s maybe a little too over-rated.

Before I did this sit through I had only heard the first album all the way through. I feel in love to the stripped down and bare tones to the music and his voice as well as his beautiful story telling lyrics. As I fell in love with the album I was also falling in love with King and the album formed a small part of the soundtrack to that summer.

Image result for ed sheeran albums+- 5stars

I listened to this originally almost a year after it was released and the songs will always have a special place in my heart. Now while I re-listen I’m taken back to summer evenings walking for hours with King through the park and around the lake, anywhere we could walk just to spend a few more moments together and then listening to this album on the way home the lyrics (especially to Wake Up and This) really weaving there way into this memories. In general though this was a hit with me because the biggest thing that draws me to music is feeling the artist is genuinely being true and authentic to themselves and their talent and there is no doubt that Ed Sheeran is being true to himself here.

Image result for ed sheeran albumsX – 3 Stars

Before this listen through I had enjoyed the songs that were released from this album but I hadn’t really had a urge to seek it out and listen fully. This album feels as though it’s been tampered with too much. By this I mean it sounds like he went in and recorded the songs  then the record company meddled with it to make it sound overly produced to be more marketable. In doing this I think it’s taken away the stripped back charm from the first album I enjoyed so much. Lyrically it seems like a good album but the amount of editing they have done on the sound takes some of the shine away from the lyrics too. I’d give this one another listen at some point but I can’t see me seeking it out the next time I want a good music fix.

Image result for ed sheeran albumsDivide – 4 stars

Though I don’t think it’s gone back to the humble and rustic charm at this stage I do feel like it’s a better album lyrically than the second album. I know I’ve gone on a little now about how overly produced his music has become but I find it frustrating that the record companies don’t trust that his talent and his voice are enough to sell records without putting silly little jingles and synthesizers etc into it for it to be more “playable” on the radio.

Dance: You need me, I don’t need you / Sing / Don’t / Shape of You / New Man / Bibia Be ye ye / Nancy Mulligan /

Drive: Grade 8 / Lego House/ You need me, I don’t need you / Don’t / Bloodstream / Runaway / Castle on the Hill / New Man / What Do I Know? /

Lyrics: U.N.I / Wake Me Up /  This / Give Me Love / Photograph / Save Myself

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Which album would you say is your favourite?

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4 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran – Through the Ages Thursday

  1. I am not a huge fan of him, well mostly because I prefer to listen to old songs more (80s to 90s music) so I don’t really know a lot of musicians today. But I listened to Perfect and that was when I fell in love with his voice. So far that’s my favorite song from Ed!

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