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The Meat Free Theory

“I’m sure of two things that will happen in the future. First we’ll all become vegetarians because we’ll realise there just isn’t any need to eat meat. Second we’ll finally become comfortable about talking about periods and stop thinking of them as something to be embarrassed about.” (paraphrased slightly as it’s been a while)

My brother, 24 and the biggest meat eater you’ll ever meet said this to me the last time he was round. I’ll touch on the second point at another time for now though I really want to talk about how much this theory has wormed its way into my mind. I have this image of the world being a happier place if this came about, I see us respecting animals a lot more than we do now and not breeding them in horrible conditions all for the sake of a lovely Sunday Roast. Though, if this was to become a reality I know the image in my mind is a naive one. It’s probably not something that will ever happen but if it was I think it’s more likely that we will still find some way to abuse and assert authority over the defenseless animals we share the planet with.

Even though the image in my mind is misguided there could be some tremendous benefits if my brothers theory was brought to life. Here is a link to a news article I read that highlights 5 things that would happen if we all stopped eating meat. As with most news articles, it’s probably a bit bias and a bit extreme in it’s views but I also think there is some truth in each point it makes.

I’d like to say at this point I in no way think you should all go out and ditch meat because I’m posting about it or giving it more thought but as it’s been running round my noggin over and over I just wanted to share my current thoughts. I can’t stand people who force their views upon others in a way that makes you feel guilty for having an opposing view or judge you for what you decide to eat so this is not what I am wanting to put across in this post.

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Even though my brother is a massive meat eater, I’m not. I like chicken and fish but I don’t eat a lot of other meats as they tend to make me feel ill and I just don’t particularly enjoy the flavour of heavier meats. So, since I couldn’t stop thinking about what my brother said I thought I would challenge myself to go meat free for 21 days.

Throughout most of my teen years I was vegetarian however when my relationship with food entered dangerous territory and I became ill I decided to re-introduce meat to my diet on my recovery. I had been vegetarian for just over 4 years in my teens but deciding to do this challenge now, about 10 years later, worried me. From what I remember about that time the food wasn’t exactly thrilling or tasty.

I decided on 21 days because I read somewhere that is the time it takes to “make a habit” and, since I don’t really enjoy eating meat, if I feel okay and enjoy the challenge I could see me sticking to this for good.

I am on day 9 at the moment but instead of updating you all now I am going to do one post at the end of the challenge to let you all know how it goes and what I’ll be deciding going forward.

Lets chat!

Have you got any great recipe recommendations?

Do you think we could one day get to a point where we can live without meat?

What are your general thoughts on vegetarianism?

Let me know in the comments or over on twitter (@KissedDaisy)


6 thoughts on “The Meat Free Theory

  1. I hope your meat free challenge is going well! I have been thinking about doing meat-free Mondays every week to try and encourage myself to cook more and find alternatives!

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