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Becoming the Best Me

I have a book next to my bed entitled “Self Care”, it’s a pretty small book and I forget the author but it’s a compilation of tips and research on how to live a more balanced life and look after yourself.

I don’t really find myself reaching for it that often as a lot of what it says seems fairly generic however it did have a page that talked about visualising who you want to be and how doing this regularly could help it become a reality. So I started to think about what I saw as the best version of myself.

As I sat there in bed, eyes closed, fully concentrating I could see clearly exactly what the best version of myself would be. There have been studies in how if you have a physical board where you can post pictures of all your goals it can actually help bring them to life. I don’t know whether I believe this to be true and I haven’t actually worked on getting a board and cutting pictures out of magazines yet but each morning when I wake up and for 5-10 minutes before I go to sleep I close my eyes and think about the who I want to be in 5 years time and how I can take steps to get there.

Image result for flowers growing out of head

It’s too soon to tell if this is working for me but it does feel like a really great start to my days a good way to reflect on an evening. I feel like it’s helping me to make better choices each day and to push myself when I feel like I’m struggling with a down day or an anxious day.


It’s exciting to wake up feeling like I can become anyone I want to be and that I am I capable of making it happen.  I started to see myself as an author & I’m now taking small steps to research for my current project. I started to see myself going on trips and camping without feeling anxious and although this hasn’t been fully realised yet I am getting out my house a lot more and that’s a pretty big start for me! I see myself with a smile that doesn’t seem forced and standing up tall and proud instead of always a little hunched with my eyes looking down.

I feel like I’m in a much better place and this is really helping me with my journey. The greatest part of this method is nothing is set in stone and I have a good understanding of how none of what I see for myself  will just be brought to life over night and having various little goals to work towards is something I find helpful in my darker days.


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