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Meat Free 21 Day Challenge Update

A few weeks ago I posted The Meat Free Theory and let you all know, based on a chat with my brother, I was challenging myself to become vegetarian for 21 days. Here’s how I found it and what I’ll do next.

I was going to do a week by week up date but I actually didn’t find this to be much of a challenge so each week said the same thing.

One thing I was pleasantly surprised by was that there was a lot more choice of foods than 10 years ago! Quorn have better tasting substitutes and alot more to choose from. We also found and tried a fair few recipes on Pinterest with mixed results we loved the tomato, spinach and mozzarella pasta but the lemon and broccoli pasta was a bust! From this you can probably tell we are big pasta fans 😊

It was a bit of a nuisance when I just wanted to quickly grab something from the shop. Most brands don’t make it very clear whether they are suitable or not and I didn’t always have time to google it. This seemed pretty crumby at the time but in hindsight I’ve actually eaten less or better things because of this, you don’t need google to tell you an apple is suitable.

It’s actually been quite a bit cheaper with our weekly shop too. My partner and I are quite frugal when it comes to food shopping so this was a welcome surprise. It doesn’t seem like much of a bonus but we’re saving for a house so every extra penny helps towards that.

I think because I didn’t eat a lot of meat anyway and a lot of the meats we did eat I didn’t necessarily enjoy this has been a pretty easy challenge. It’s something I can see myself carrying on with, I feel like I’ve seen a lot more benefits to this than negatives.


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