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Steps Toward “Project Me”

I’ve thought for a while now that I was happier and felt more comfortable when I was organised and had a routine. I’ve been putting off sorting myself out for a long time now though and so I finally kicked myself up my rather large butt and set the weekend aside to set myself up for success. A whole weekend might seem a little long but I allowed myself time for mental breaks and taking my time.

My fall down previously was that every time I thought about all the areas I’d let slip and it would overwhelm me. I think this is probably an issue most of us have so I thought I’d share how I broke it down and the steps I’ve taken so far on “Project Me”. I started with the big picture and just kept cutting it down a size until it looked positive and achievable.

1. Areas to work on

The first thing I did was pick 4 areas of my life I know I need to work on. This will be different for others, some of you may include things like days out/travel etc but my 4 are Head (mental health), Heart (Passions and projects), Health (self explanatory), Home (house work etc). All these areas have slipped to varying degrees since late 2015 when anxiety and depression took hold and so far on my recovery I have yet to get myself back on track. Instead I’ve just dipped in and out of each and got overwhelming.

2. Areas of Work – Sub-list

From here I made a for each of my 4 areas that consisted of goals, tasks and routine jobs. So for Head I had things from daily affirmations to setting myself challenges to push my anxiety. For Heart I had tasks for both my current WIP (work in progress, novel) and my blog. I knew I’d be a doing a schedule including most if not all the things I’d listed so I put down anything big or small – you can work out whats too small to be relevant for your own lists.


3. Clean Slate To-Do List

I want to start from today with a completely clean slate and I knew this when I put the time aside this weekend to work on myself. Based on the things I listed in step 2 I made a list of all the things I needed to put into place so that when I start my routine/schedule everything is ready for me. All day Sunday I didn’t stop trying to get everything sorted but it felt so incredibly rewarding after! I cleaned my house to bottom, put all my novel ideas in one easy to access digital place & set up a habit tracker app on my phone now to keep me accountable to name a few bits and bobs.

4. Time Management

Going through my Clean Slate To-do list was all well and good but I didn’t want to just do it as a one off, feel exhausted and get myself back to square one in a week or two because I’m just bitting and bobbing with no direction. I looked at my typical week and made notes of where my free time is, I was a little ashamed of myself as there were quite a few hours there that I’m not using and could be working toward my novel or looking after myself. I say all the time that I’ve not got enough time and the truth was the time was there but I didn’t have enough energy or love for myself to make that time work for me.

Anywho without dwelling too much on what I wasn’t doing I shook off that feeling and looked at what I was doing to make things right and reminding myself it’s never too late to start making yourself a priority. All the tasks from step 2 I worked out how often I’d need to do them (daily, bi/tri-weekly, weekly, monthly), looked at the time I had free in the week and slotted everything into a routine from there.

5. Regular Check ins

So this step I haven’t started yet but the plan is to journal once a week to set goals/challenges/tasks for each area to do in the week ahead. I also think it will be important just before writing these tasks/goals to review how I’ve done with the previous week so I know what areas to work on. I used to do this in my first journal (early 2016) and I found it really helpful it kept me accountable and helped me figure out what I needed to do to improve on.

Exactly. I don't feel the need to be in a position of leadership, but I often end up taking on that role if things aren't being organized well.


I have been feeling so lost and disconnected lately that I knew I needed to make a change and if that means adding a lot more structure to my days then that’s what I’ll do. Going forward I think my biggest obstacle will be when I stumble back a step or two because I tend to slowly crumble from there and I need to remind myself that I am strong enough to stumble and still soldier on!

Let’s Chat:

Would you find this helpful?

What do you think your’re 4 areas would be?

Let me know in the comments or over on twitter (@KissedDaisy)


6 thoughts on “Steps Toward “Project Me”

  1. What an amazing read babe. You executed finding pathways massively well, and I do believe you can do this! Even if it isn’t at the pace you hoped, slow progress is better than no progress.
    Keep on it! Totally supporting you all the way! (Also it’s ok to have a glomp day now and again) 💖

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really hope this helps you and very well done for accepting and acknowledging that a change is a must. This post has actually motivated me to think about my own 4 areas so thanks a lot!
    Soffy //

    Liked by 1 person

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