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July Goals

We are now past the half way point in the year and I just know it won’t be long until pumpkin spiced lattes are hitting Starbucks followed by Christmas adverts and Mariah Carey is being over played on the radio – the year is whizzing by! Before we get there though I’m enjoying the little slice of summer we’re getting in my own indoor kind of way!

My June Goals turned out to be a bit of a mixed bag and if you want to know how I got on I have written a little update at the end of the original post (here). This month I’ve tried to go for slightly more attainable goals, something that’s still a challenge but isn’t so specific it traps me creatively.

Blogging Goals

  • Potential New Segment: I have an idea for a new monthly series on my blog but it’s so new that I can see a lot of little kinks in it. In July I’d love to get those kinks sorted out and set it up/plan it properly before starting it.
  • Twitter Chats: I was doing quite well with twitter chats and interaction at the beginning of June and I’m missing it now that it’s taken a bit of a back seat. I miss feeling connected to the community.
  • Blogging Interaction: I need to be upping my game with interaction on other peoples blogs, I will read a post and really love it but something is still holding me back from commenting on blogs I don’t chat with regularly. I think it’s the silly anxious thought that these people would be bored by my response or irritated by it but if they’re anything like me every like and comment brightens my day!


*WIP – a term used for novels being written, stands for Work In Progress

  • Tournament Plan: The main plot of my book centres around a big tournament, most of the other bits are all planned out but I need to work out what order the games will go in, who will win them etc before I can start writing the novel itself – it’s the last bit of planning but it’s the biggest too!
  • START WIP!: As much as I love planning and being organised I’m getting to a point now where I just want to get stuck in and bring this novel to life! Writing is my number one passion so I want to be starting this by 15th July.

Mental Health

  • Anxiety: At least one trip out of the house a week, I keep putting this down as a goal and I’m struggling to actually do it. I have a Mother Daughter day planned with my mum on 3rd July so this will be a big one as we’re wanting to go somewhere new to us.
  • Varying Self Care: I think my self care is getting a little stale and therefore not as effective because I seem to do the same things every Sunday. This month I want to switch it up – instead of/as well as my one set day I want to through little bits in on other days of the week and instead of the standard Bubble Bath, Book, Baking combo I want to add in other bits and bobs like getting back to learning my keyboard
  • Journalling: I want to stick to the schedule I created for myself and to write a weekly review of my goals, tasks and general feelings to see if this helps with my anxiety. Some people find routine to be quite restrictive and boring but I seem to remember it being a source of comfort.


  • 21 Days Fizz & Caffeine Free: Up to being about 21 we didn’t have fizzy pop in the house unless it was Christmas and I would never drink coffee. Now I’m drinking at least one coffee a day and 2 sometimes 3 cans of pop a day and I’ve noticed a big difference with the steady decline. I think cutting out all that caffiene can only be a great thing for my anxiety and health in general
  • Life Insurance: This is pretty self explanatory and a pretty dull/morbid one! This month I think I need to actually get this sorted, look through different companies & plans and just get it out the way.
  • Theory: Everyone at work keeps telling me I need to book in for my (driving) Theory Test. I can tell I’m getting fairly close to being put in for my practical test (maybe a month or two away) so I really need to knuckle down with the Highway Code and smash the Theory test.

June Highlights:

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5 thoughts on “July Goals

  1. I’m such a coffee addict I try to cut back sometimes, my mom recently had some major anxiety episodes after too much consumption so it’s def a good thing for you to cut back before it affects yours. I think adding a new segment to your blog sounds great! Good luck with all your goals 😀

    xx Lena |

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