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Winging It – An Update

Those who have been following for a while might have noticed that at one point I had been posting quite regular with a schedule of Mental Health on Monday, bookish posts on a Wednesday and my Through the Ages Thursdays but it has been a while since this has been a solid routine.

I have been taking another step back and trying to figure out how to divide myself between everything I want to do from big projects like writing my novel to smaller (but just as important to me) projects like teaching myself piano and reading daily. I am, I have worked out, an all or nothing kind of person and that’s what I need to work on for my own peace of mind. I’ll think of all the things I need/want to do, decide I need to dedicate the same amount of time to all of them and then I burn out as I can’t juggle an hour for everything a day plus work and sleep.

I’ve decided while I build up from no structure I will be happy with as little as 10minutes for each project a day and go from there. I was also reading through my first post (here) over the weekend and it really refreshed my memory about why I started this blog. It wasn’t to be structured or forced and I didn’t have a schedule in mind it was just supposed to be a place for me to come and express myself freely as I don’t have anywhere in my everyday life to do this.

So I guess, wanting to be honest with you guys, I wanted to let you know that I’m not really taking a step back as it might appear I’ve just decided to be more true to what I originally wanted Fairy Kissed Daisy to be. I know not being constant might mean this blog doesn’t grow too quickly but after having a good think about it I don’t mind this. When I’m doing this as and when the moment takes me I’m loving it and enjoying it and when I was a bit stricter on content and days of the week to post I found it to be a bit of a drain so it’s a no brainer for me.

I love each and every one of you for deciding to follow me over the past 4 months and I love that you’ve joined me on this journey but I understand if you were here for the structure and now decide to unfollow. From here onwards it’s going to be a wing it and see deal which is a little scary to me as that sounds like anarchy but I’m also excited because not “forcing” content might make what I put out that bit better.


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