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Shuffle Song Tag

I actually wasn’t tagged to do this but I adore music and I saw Ruth in Revolt post it today so I’m joining in!

I believe you just put all your songs on shuffle and list the first 10 that pop up. My “Songs” section on Google Play doesn’t actually list all the odds and ends I’ve added to various playlists but there’s a good 2,037 to go through in this section so should be a good mix.


1.If You Really Love Me – Tim Minchin 

He’s my favourite comedian. He writes funny songs and I’ve been to see him live 3 times and met him twice. He also wrote the west end show Matilda and has been in a fair bit of theatre since his last comedy tour.

2. Young at Heart – Joss Stone

Not one I’ve heard a lot but is on here because it’s on the Mind, Body & Soul album which I love.

3. Mean – P!nk

From one of my favourite P!nk albums this song reminds me of an ex of mine so it’s a little bittersweet.

4. Modern Love – RuPaul

5. Cia Adios – Anne-Marie

6. This is Real Life – Nashville Cast

I know country music tends to get a bad rep but I absolutely love it, how the songs tend to weave a good story and I really love Nashville. This is a super sweet song so I’m glad it popped up.

7. P.T.A (Parent Teacher Association) – Pulp

8. Your Star – Evanescence

9. This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race – Fall Out Boy

Probably my least favourite song from that album but love it and them regardless.

10. Room on the 3rd Floor – McFly

I have been a McFly super fan since they came out (I was about 12) and I’d almost say they were a guilty pleasure of mine but I feel no guilt of it. Easy listening, fun lyrics, sometimes lovely deep lyrics, a boy band that didn’t just stand there or sit on stools copying other peoples songs they wrote their own and played their own instruments – Yeah I just really loved them and still do!


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