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A Week Away From Social Media

Somewhat out of the blue last week I decided to delete the main social media apps from my phone; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Facebook was making me paranoid about family, Instagram was stressing me out when family started to find my blog account and I was feeling really disconnected and nervous about engaging with others on twitter, even people I usually found it so easy to chat with I started feeling like a nuisance – that’s all on me though and my state of mind these people hadn’t changed towards me.

In a morning within just a few moments of waking up I’d go from app to app and back again in an endless loop. My phone was never out of my hand but even with that being the case I was getting really bad at responding to messages and connecting.

I thought a week away would be really difficult but I’ve actually found it really easy. I’ve downloaded a couple of new apps on my phone like colouring, dot to dots and jigsaws. With that I find I’m spending a little less time on my phone and now the time I am spending is on relaxing games.

It’s amazing how much they had an firm grip on my life and its been like a breath of fresh air to take that step back. I’ve written more towards my novel, been reading more and playing my keyboard and these were all things I felt I didn’t have time for or I didn’t feel an urge to do which has flipped since making the change.

I think maybe once a week I’ll check in and catch up with people but I think for the most part I’m happy to keep it all off my phone and cleanse myself or the negativity it breeds in me


3 thoughts on “A Week Away From Social Media

  1. I’ve also deleted social media from my phone and it has made such a positive difference! I now have to go on my laptop to check social media and I limit myself to one hour a day to check up on everything, but then it’s back to the real world!

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